Archie Panjali (Kalinda Sharma) linda e marcante

Archie Panjabi é um brilho – assim como sua personagem em The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma, figura fascinante, tão fascinante que nos fez lembrar de Lisbeth Salander, a hacker punk superdotada e superdoida da Trilogia Millennium .

Assim como Lisbeth Salander, Kalinda é uma investigadora de competência extrema, que consegue descobrir o que ninguém mais consegue. Também como Lisbeth, Kalinda é uma mulher misteriosa, fechada em copas. Jamais fala uma palavra sobre si mesma, sobre sua vida pessoal.
No jeito de vestir, é uma Lisbeth mais light – não tem mil piercings e tatuagens como a sueca, mas está sempre de botas, meias negras, saia acima do joelho, blusão de couro negro e maquiagem escura no belo rosto moreno.
Lisbeth é abertamente bissexual; Kalinda a gente nunca sabe bem o que é, mas é capaz de, se necessário para suas investigações, seduzir tanto homens quanto mulheres.
Embora jovem, Kalinda tem experiência, quilometragem de sobra. Conhece gente em todos os lugares, tem fontes inesgotáveis. Já trabalhou, no passado, com Peter Florrick, quando ele era o poderoso chefe da promotoria; agora, trabalha como investigadora para o escritório Stern, Lockhart & Gardner.
E aqui há até uma pequenina falha no roteiro brilhante, porque o escritório tem um monte de advogados, mas sua única investigadora é Kalinda – e Kalinda dá conta de 30 casos ao mesmo tempo.

Kalinda tem faro para tudo; não suporta Cary, o yuppinho, e torna-se amiga de Alicia. As duas, Kalinda, filha de imigrantes pobres, e Alicia, wasp educada, boas oportunidades na vida, são extremamente diferentes uma da outra. Mas têm em comum um ponto importante, fundamental: possuem princípios morais rígidos, e nenhuma disposição de abrir mão deles. Qualidade extremamente rara na selva da competição a toda prova.


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Kalinda’s Apartment

Great Response to Kalinda’s Apartment – Here are a few tweets:
Kalinda’s apt.such a great reflection of her…such a mystery, no tells…
Kalinda’s apt is perfect for a person prepared to flee: impersonal & unlike her bold wardrobe. The setting made me think noir
How did you approach the challenge of decorating Kalinda’s place? She’s such a closed off character. Perfect job btw 🙂

Thanks to all who were so patient (almost three season’s worth) and taken with Kalinda’s apartment. Much thought went into what her environment should be with a directive that it needed to look like an apartment and not a hotel room. To accomplish that we looked towards the small details of an intercom, apartment door numbers and sconces. Shopping for Kalinda’s was a flashback to my days on Fringe when doing an all white set was common for me. This was a first on The Good Wife as it is an extremely different aesthetic than what has been created to date. Here the key was to keep it devoid of any kind of layer of life on the outside but reveal those secrets of what was stashed in her drawers (such as those little orange notebooks she is never with out) and of course what she keeps for emergencies behind that sledge hammered wall. With our show creator, Robert King as our season finale director every element was discussed and planned so that the further reveal of Kalinda’s character and her world continues to captivate.

Please tell us more about Kalinda’s apartment!! Where could we get that fabulous mirror??
The mirror was a last minute impulse purchase but turned into the perfect hand prop for Kalinda. It is from Jonathan Adler and described at “ The Queen Anne mirror as a modern twist of 17th Century opulence in a mod-tastic lacquer finish. Its clean and curvilinear silhouette is a pared down take on traditionalia. It can complement any room, yet it’s bold enough to stand alone on a wall.” The white screen and some of Kalinda’s other decorative accessories are also from Jonathan Adler.

We have seen the Florrick’s old house a few times now but it was almost empty in the season finale. How do you create a set or location like that when you are not decorating an entire room?
Great question! Almost harder than anything is to create character and serve the script when the set is described as filled with moving boxes. In the finale it was scripted that we were seeing Peter and the kids eating on move in day so it felt reasonable to have the dining room set up with a table and chairs. We used boxes for just about everything else but did a lot of work with practical lamps and along with the Director of Photography set the mood for the night scene with light instead of other set dressing. It was important for the house to look warm and inviting even in the state it was in and I hope we accomplished that.

Now that Carey is back at Lockhart Gardner will he have an office or will he be stuck working at the conference table?
Sorry, but I am going to save the answer to that question for Season 4. I will be back with more news on The Good Look Of The Good Wife and updates on the The Good Wife home decor line launching with Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and Interlude Home soon!

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